These Places In Rockville MD Are Great To Visit With Your Family

Get ready to explore Rockville MD like never before. It’s going to be fun for you to know all the great places to go. That way you will be prepared when you arrive there with your family for vacation. You’re certainly going to see that Rockville is a city that is fun in so many ways. The following places of interest might be great stops for you as you explore the city of Rockville MD.

Rockville Town Square is a lovely place to get started. People say it can get rather busy on the weekend, but not so much on weekdays. I’m sure it depends on the time of year as well. You’re going to find all kinds of cute shops to explore and great restaurants, too. Dining and entertainment can be found all in one place when you make your way to Rockville Town Square.

The RIO Washington Center is also about shopping and dining, in a different type of atmosphere. You will also find entertainment there as well. You are going to be right on the lake, and to get there, you just make your way to 231 Rio Boulevard. Reviews mention that the area also features a nice walking trail, which can make for a lovely place to go for a walk.

After those two city experiences, you might want to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet, right? You can do that by visiting Cabin John Regional Park, which is located at 7400 Tuckerman Lane. One thing about this park is the kids are going to love it. If you are traveling as a family and have younger kids, reviews point to the fact that Cabin John Regional Park features really nice playground equipment.

Earth Treks Climbing Center is also in the area and is said to be fun to visit. To get to Earth Treks Climbing Center, you just go to 725 Rockville Pike. It is an indoor climbing facility, and there are locations in other cities, too. If you are there with your family and end up wanting some food, people talk about having pizza delivered right to the place.

Now you know some of the ins and outs regarding places to visit in Rockville MD. That will help you have an enjoyable vacation for sure. You will discover other places to go along the way, but it helps knowing a little bit about the city before you arrive.